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Principal Works

A Trail of Blood

  Once, Sophie Guichard was a screen goddess, the toast of Paris and Hollywood. But now, aging and alone in her grand villa on the French Riviera, she's fallen for the advances of a Belgian pimp who's only after her money. Two American PIs, Max Christian and Nick Testa, risk their own lives wakening her to reality--and again carrying out her demand for "a trail of blood" in revenge.

Students of Pain

In book three in the series From the Case Files of Max Christian, PI, a Mafia family kidnaps Max's son, and Max teams up with Nick (The Closer) Testa to get him back. The publisher, iUniverse, designated it an Editors Choice book.

The Shape-Shifters

Max Christian, PI, is on the trail of a bad-boy Wall Street banker mixed up with a drug-dealing Mafia don. Max's longtime sidekick Tina Falcone is chasing a sadistic serial killer. As their cases improbably merge, they find themselves in a world of shape-shifters--a world in which practically no one is who he or she seems or claims to be.

The Last Minstrel Show: A Detective Story

Someone is killing members of a black basketball-and-minstrel-show troupe, and a tormented private detective named Max Christian enters a deadly world of drugs, guns and mob money in search of the killer.

The Death and Life of Malcolm X

Goldman’s biography, focused heavily on Malcolm’s last years and on his assassination in 1965, remains a standard more than four decades after it was first published in 1973. A second edition, published by the University of Illinois Press in 1979, and a third, in 2013, include important new information on who committed the murder and why.

Charlie Company: What Vietnam Did to Us

Starting in the summer of 1981, a team of Newsweek reporters sought out members of a single combat-infantry company to ask about their experiences in the Vietnam war and in the often difficult journey home. The men spoke openly, vividly and passionately, because, as one of them put it, nobody had asked them before. Their story won a National Magazine Award for Newsweek, and the widely praised book version reached number four on the New York Times paperback best-seller list.